Commercial image composition

In this course we will explore the technique of digital collage in advertising projects, from its background to the creation of compositions that highlight a brand’s identity. It will be an experience full of creativity and learning.




Commercial image composition


May 10, 2024



Learn to compose commercial and advertising images based on the client’s needs. Immerse yourself in the world of digital collage and illustration with Guillermo Flores.

You will learn how to use the digital collage technique in advertising projects, exploring everything from its background to creating compositions that highlight a brand’s identity.

Guillermo will guide you through the key stages of the creative process, from analyzing client briefs and the competition to collecting images and manipulating them in Photoshop. Discover how to use composition, symmetry, and color techniques to create work that speaks the language of your audience, all with the premise of communicating a brand’s DNA in each design. Get ready to compose images that will captivate your clients and make them fall in love!

The course is available at DOMESTIKA.ORG