Ethical Raw Honey The wellbeing of New Zealand’s natural world hangs in fine balance. This beautiful yet fragile ecosystem relies on the interdependent relationship between plants, insects and animals to thrive. The good people at Honeyeater understand the nature of this fine balance. As apiarists and environmentalists, they know that while bees are invaluable pollinators, they are also an introduced species which can compete with our native honeyeaters who rely on the same nectar to survive. Our native nectar eaters include the bellbird, tui, stitchbird, kaka, forest gecko and native solitary bees.






March 14, 2022


New Zealand

Honeyeater produce honey that supports our native ecosystem by prioritising the wellbeing of both our native wildlife, and our bees. Situated in New Zealand’s picturesque Northland, their farm is made up of acres of lush manuka grove, dense native bush and surrounded by wetlands.

Curious was tasked to create branding and packaging that epitomises Honeyeater’s unique conservation story. An ‘ecosystem’ inspired, iconic image became the central focus of the label to achieve this goal. Individual components of native birds, animals, insects and plants were curated and formed into a delicately balanced montage that visually symbolises the concept of ‘interdependent relationship’, which is so essential in nature. A colour palette of soft, earthy tones was then settled on to reflect New Zealand’s natural landscape. A subtle off-white textured stock with selected small areas of gold foil add the final touches of sophistication.

Pure, ethical and raw, Honeyeater honey captures the true taste of New Zealand’s landscape.

For every hive placed, they plant extensively to ensure there is ample native nectar for all species to thrive. Proceeds from the honey sales goes back to conservation: from native planting to pest control, native breeding, wetland regeneration and research.